Population and Housing Census, 2011

In Turkey, in order to determine the exact and correct population size, to obtain information about demographic and economic characteristics of the population and occupied dwellings by administrative division, a total of 14 general population censuses had been conducted between 1927 and 2000.

In 2007, Address Based Population Registration System (ABPRS) was established for obtaining up-to-date information on population size of localities and monitoring the population movements. After the establishment of the ABPRS, information based on registers on population size by administrative division, and basic characteristics of population such as age, sex, educational attainment and marital status, etc. is announced to the public annually by TurkStat.

2011 Population and Housing Census (PHC) was conducted in order to compile information which can not be derived from Address Based Population Registration System, such as; labour force, employment and unemployment, reason for migration, disability and building and dwelling characteristics etc. at province level.

In the census, the reference date was "2 October 2011". The field application was carried out between 3 October-31 December 2011. The field study was realized by interviewing about 2.2 million households in selected enumeration areas and conducting a complete enumeration in institutional places. Information was collected by face to face interviewing method from about 9 million people during the field study.

The field study of the census was carried out in 81 provinces, by 26 Regional Offices of TurkStat. Substantial contribution was aimed to be procured for plans and programs at national, regional and local levels, while making a basic information source for social and economical characteristics of population.

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