Data on the minerals produced in Turkey under the Mining Law, compiled by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources General Directorate of Mining Affairs and published results from the foundation of the Republic to 1957.Since 1958,Turkstat has compiled information from mine enterprises with monthly and yearly activity charts every year and has started publishing this data periodically. Until 1988, Publication of "Mining Statistics" included production and employment data was compiled more thoroughly with monthly and annual mine survey and was started to present to users since 1989. Turkstat collected the addresses of the enterprises belonging to the mines which are included in the Regulations of the Quarries from Special Provincial Administrations. In 1966, a survey was applied but only 53% of enterprises responded it. Summary tables that were prepared according to this situation, were published in "1959-1966 Mine Statistics Book".

İn 1990, "Quarrying Survey" was made to respond to the needs of users at the end of a series of meetings with Public institutions (Prime Ministry State Planning Organization, General Directorate of Railways Harbors and Airports Construction, State Hydraulic Works, Rural Services) and private sector businesses. Mines owned by Turkey and data of 1990-1991 in the scope of "Quarrying Regulation" was compiled at 1992. Data of 1992 was compiled from "General Industry and Business Census Second Stage Field Application" that was applied at all cities of the Turkey.Data of 1993 was compiled from enterprise and presented the users in 1994.Since 1995 Minning and Quarrying Statistics were compiled from "Annual Minning and Quarrying Survey" and started to present to users.

First data on industrial sector was compiled between 1913 and 1915, published in 1917." General Industry and Business Census" that was the first census in the republican period was applied in 1927. Industrial Statistics Group was established in 1930 to collect this data on a regular basis. "Annual Manufacturing Industry Statistics" only these companies that benefit from "The Industrial Promotion Law" was compiled from 1932 to 1941.After 1941, surveys were interrupted for various reasons.But it begin to be reapplied from 1950. In 1969, data could not be collected for various reasons. In the years was made, all of the state sector and 10 or more people working in the private sector related to annual manufacturing industry surveys published as General Census of Industry and Business Establishments Second Stage Large Scale of Manufacturing Industries.

Until 1992, data on 1-9 people working in private sector and small-scale manufacturing industry workplace was compiled with the General Industry and Business Censuses, which was held every 5 or 10 years. Since 1992 it was compiled annually and published under the name of "Annual Small Scale Manufacturing Industry Statistics". Compiling and publishing annual data related to manufacturing industry continued until 2002. Annual construction and installation workplace survey applied firstly for units with fixed workplace qualifications in 1992.

The first study on service statistics started in 1982. Data on trade and service sector published under the name of Annual Trade and Service Statistics. Since 1986 hotel-restaurant data was added to this post and it continued until 2001.

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