First data on manufacturing industry; Compiled between 1913 and 1915, published in 1917. In 1927, the first General Industry and Business Districts of the Republican era were counted. In 1930, the Industrial Statistics Branch was established with the aim of regularly compiling this data.

The Annual Manufacturing Industry Statistics, which was included only in the institutions that benefited from the Incentive Industry Law in those years, was compiled from 1932 to 1941, and after 1941, it was interrupted due to various reasons and started to be restructured after 1951. General information about the manufacturing industry establishments as well as information about the products produced are published.

In the period of 1950-1962 Workplaces using 10 or more horse power and whether they use horse power or not, Workplaces with 10 or more employees are covered. From the period 1963-1968 and the whole of the state sector since 1971 and Private sector employing 10 or more employees have beeen covered.

While the information on the basis of the product was collected from all the public sector enterprises in the period of 1983-1992 and 25 and more people in the private sector, the substance based production and consumption data of the workplaces employing 10 or more persons in the private sector since 1992 have been compiled.

Until 1972, manufacturing industry surveys were implemented separately by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the State Planning Organization and the Chambers of the Union under the name of "Industrial Register Record".

It has been decided to implement the annual manufacturing industry surveys together with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the State Planning Organization and the Chambers of the Union, to be conducted by the State Institue of Statistics since 1971, since the same quality of information is caused by time lost by different organizations.

According to this decision, the questionnaires were printed by DİE in writing in three copies, each of which had a separate color and which belonged to the institution (the Chambers of the Union, the State Institue of Statistics and workplace) until 1994. In 1994, the copies of the Chambers of the Union were removed and the information started to be given to the Chambers of the Union as a table.

Until 2002, the annual manufacturing industry surveys were applied in two different forms, while a form and general information about the workplace were gathered, the other form and the product-based production and consumption information of the workplace were compiled. In the questionnaires, the production information for the product based on the product was written in cardboards, then the technology was developed and evaluated by computers and information needs were met.

In the second stage of General Census of Industry and Business Establishments in 2002, this information was compiled for the first time under the name of Manufacturing Industry Production and Consumption Questionnaire according to the list of PRODTR-Turkey Industrial Products which is prepared by taking the European Union product classification PRODCOM list as the basis.

In the mining and quarrying sector, the information on the minerals produced in Turkey and covered by the Mining Law was compiled by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, General Directorate of Mining Affairs until 1957 from the year of the foundation of the Republic and the results were published. Since 1958, the Institute has compiled information on the monthly and annual activity charts of mine enterprises every year and started publishing this information periodically. The information about the miners belonging to the quarries is also compiled and published by a questionnaire made in 1966.

In 1990, the Quarrying Survey was prepared to respond to the needs of the re-employers, and information was gathered from the establishments which were excluded from our country and which were included in the Regulation on Quarries. In 1995-2002, mining and quarrying surveys were combined and the information of these sectors was compiled with a single survey under the name of Annual Mining and Quarrying Survey.

In order to comply with the legislation of the European Union Industrial Production Statistics, a pilot study of the 2004 Annual Industrial Production Questionnaire (PRODCOM), in which only production information was collected, covering those who have employed 100 or more employees from enterprises operating in 2005.

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