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22 April 2014

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Statistics on Child, 2013
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Table-1: The Proportion of Child Population In Total Population by Selected Countries and Sex, 2007-2013
Table-2: The Proportion of Households Having Children Aged 0-17, 2013
Table-3: Top 30 Popular Kids' Names by Age Group and Sex, 2013
Table-4: Average Starting Ages to Use Computers, Internet and Mobile Phone by Age Groups, 2013
Table-5: The Proportion of Children Who Have Their Private Devices by Age Group, 2013
Table-6: Proportion of Household Having Individuals In the Habit Consuming Alcoholic Beverage, Cigarette and Tobacco, 2012
Table-7: Marriages by Statistical Regions and Age Difference of Spouses, 2013
Table-8: Proportion of Households Having Children Aged 0-17 Years by Province and Facilities of Dwellings, 2011

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