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Recent Publications
Life Satisfaction Survey, 2013
Life Satisfaction Survey Micro Data Sets, 2013
Press Release Preparation Standards Handbook (Second Version, 2014 April)
Turkey in Statistics 2013
Journal of Statistical Research, July 2013
Turkey's Statistical Yearbook, 2013
Youth in Statistics, 2013
Labour Cost Survey, 2012
Household Labour Force Survey Micro Data Set, 2013
Statistics on Child, 2013
Elderly Statistics, 2013
Income and Living Conditions Survey Micro Data Set (Longitudinal), 2012
Continuing Vocational Training Survey in Enterprises Micro Data Set, 2010
Gender Statistics, 2013
Address Based Population Registration System Results, 2013
HOW TO DEVELOP A QUESTIONNAIRE? All steps from design to testing
Forestry Statistics, 2012
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